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Export Overrun Roam Air-Dried Beef Dog Food 500g
Export Overrun Roam Air-Dried Beef Dog Food 500g

Export Overrun Roam Air-Dried Beef Dog Food 500g

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Why are these so cheap? 
Due to our international export business, we sometimes get left with export overrun product.  We would rather share it with you than let it go to waste. 

Is this any different to the New Zealand version? 
Nope, they are exactly the same.  The bag just has an export/import label stuck to the back.  You can see this sticker in the photos above.  

What does the actual product look like?
The photos are of the actual export overrun product


Natural Ingredients:

Roam Air-Dried Beef Food's  main ingredient is just that, Beef.  It also includes parts of the animal such as lung, heart and liver.  This is an ethical approach to utilize more of the animal and benefits your dog with a healthy balance of protein and fat. 

Ethically Sourced:
The Beef is sustainably sourced and traceable to New Zealand farms with no antibiotics, glutens, grain or added hormones. 

Scientifically Formulated:
Roam’s range of foods are carefully formulated and rigorously tested by canine nutritionists to supply your dog with all the essential nutrients they require. 

Gently Air-Dried:
The air-dried process also benefits your dog’s mouth by enabling them to sink their teeth into each piece of food, removing plaque and tartar along the way.  The high meat diet is calorically dense and very digestible meaning smaller serving sizes, and less cleaning up after your dog

We take extra care to ensure that Roam air-dried food fits effortlessly into your lifestyle by making it convenient.  There are no bad odours or oily residues, just an easy to store, handle and serve food.  Our resealable bags keep the food fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening. 

Made specifically for: All dog breeds and adult maintenance