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Roam Air-Died Jerky Bone Pouch
Roam Air-Died Jerky Bone Pouch
Roam Air-Died Jerky Bone Pouch

Roam Air-Died Jerky Bone Pouch

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What could make a Venison Shank even more tempting?  Wrap it in all-natural Beef Jerky! Your dog will love chewing away on one of our longest lasting and delectably moreish chews.


Dental Benefits
The combination of chewy Beef Jerky and robust Venison Shank encourages a lot of chewing that helps to remove tartar and plaque with every chomp.  Tasty and healthy, now that’s worth gnawing on.


Boredom Buster
The Jerky Bone is an excellent environmental enrichment tool to keep your dog occupied. They are great at keeping your dog busy and out of trouble.


Limited Ingredients:
No fillers, no additives, no complicated ingredients. Just all-natural Beef Weasand and Venison Shank Bone gently air-dried to perfection.


**FUN FACT** The beef jerky is made from bovine weasand.  This is just part of ROAM’S approach to utilizing the whole animal and preventing wastage.

- A very long-lasting bone-based chew
- The beef jerky layer makes this chew irresistibly
- Halved for smaller dogs
- No antibiotics, glutens, grain or added hormones
- Encourages chewing which helps support dental hygiene
- Gently air-dried to protect the natural nutrients
- Sustainably sourced and traceable to New Zealand farmers