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Roam Freeze-Dried Lamb Feasters 170g
Roam Freeze-Dried Lamb Feasters 170g
Roam Freeze-Dried Lamb Feasters 170g

Roam Freeze-Dried Lamb Feasters 170g

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Roam Feasters:
Intended for use as a tasty training treat, topper or reward for your dog. These Roam Feasters are a versitle tool to add to your training toolkit. They also make a great topper or mixer to mix into your dogs standard food to boost your pups mealtime motivation.

High Meat Premium Dog Food:
Roam Feasters Raw Freeze-Dried Lamb Dog Food 170g consists mainly of Lamb Meat, Lung, Heart and Liver. We take chosen to form a base recipe using meat and offal and then to add other ingredients specifically to create a complete and balanced food for adult dogs. We mix our food and dice into larger pieces your dog can really chomp into. Then we freeze dry this diced food to lock in the natural goodness resulting in a high meat, convenient, tasty, natural, minimally processed dog food that is bursting with flavour your pup will thoroughly enjoy.

Only NZ Lamb:
We specifically source New Zealand raised free range and grass-fed Lamb. New Zealand Lamb is world renowned. As New Zealanders, we argue NZ grown is the best and we at Roam believe NZ raised animals are definitely the best for our Dogs.
Our Lamb meat and organs are a great option for dogs particularly because they are free from antibiotics, additives, glutens, grains and added hormones.

Freeze-Dried animal-based dog food and treats are great for busy owners or those who want a natural premium high meat option for their pup without all the mess of raw or frozen food/treats. Our drying process also has the benefits of providing a safe food/treat which also has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature!

Add excitement - An easy way to excite your dogs daily meal with a nutrient and flavour boost. These feasters can be used as a topper, food or tasty treat.
For fussy eaters - Even fussy eaters will be tempted to the table when you mix feasters into their ordinary meal.

Sustainably sourced - our meat is sustainably sourced and traceable back to New Zealand family farmers.
Best ingredients selected - we carefully select the best ingredients based on the raw food diet our pets' ancestors thrived on.
Freeze-dried in small batches - our freeze-drying process locks in and retains the natural goodness of our premium ingredients.
For your convenience - creating the perfect freeze-dried food that's easy to store, handle, serve and enjoy.

Our Story:
Meat you can trust, sourced from animals roaming free in New Zealand’s wild natural landscape. Choose a diet high in grass-fed meat to keep your pets happy and healthy, so you can enjoy more Wagging Good Times together